» » » Celebrities Who Have Admitted To Having One-Night Stand

1) Ranveer Singh


The actor, whose philandering ways are no secret, has admitted to having had quite a lot of one-night stands BEFORE his stardom! You can imagine all the ‘REX’ he ‘DID’ after having found fame. We sincerely hope that he has gone back to the good ways, now that he is with Mastani!

2) Suyyash Rai


Not only did Suyyash, who is all set to marry his long term girlfriend and Bigg Boss 9 co-contestant Kishwer Merchant, have one-night stands; but he got paid for them! This ‘Desi Boy’ earned as much as Rs 40,000 for a night, according to his recent confessional!

3) Kashmira Shah


Kashmira shocked everyone when she revealed that she met the love of her life, Krishna, as a result of a one-night stand! How’s that for ironic?

4) Krishna Abhishek


It’s obvious from wifey Kashmira’s testimony that Krishna did indulge in a one-night stand with her, which eventually led to love. But even otherwise, the actor-comedian has stated that he doesn’t have any qualms against casual sex, and that he has indulged in those before.

5) Sunny Leone


Given her ‘sexy’ image, and her past profession, it’d be no surprise to know that even Sunny has enjoyed the occasional fling or two. In fact, if reports are to be believed, Sunny is also starring in a film called ‘One-night Stand’! Based on a true story?

6) Emraan Hashmi


Where do you think the ‘Serial Kisser’ got his skills from? Years and years of practice! Emraan even confessed that the thing he misses the most about being single is the one-night stands. We sincerely hope that Parveen (his wife) doesn’t read this!

7) Sherlyn Chopra


In an earlier interview, Sherlyn confessed that not only did she have the best night of her life, but she also found true love as a result of her fling! But sadly, she chose her career over the relationship and it had to end. Good thing the guy can still refresh his memories every time he heads to her Twitter handle!

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