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1) John and Bipasha


Whenever John and Bipasha had split up, we had all lost confidence in intimate romance. They were the couple we all used to turn upward to for motivation all things considered! Times mends everything and now they’re both on great terms yet a couple of years back when the separation was still crisp, John and Bipasha had keep running into one another at the rec center. The circumstance being excessively unbalanced for the them two, they didn’t trade any merriments nor looked. Since must’ve been truly extreme.

2) Akshay and Raveena


Another couple that had turned into all the rage amid their time together was Akshay and Raveena. In any case, gossipy tidbits about Akshay undermining Raveena broke out which brought on the couple to go their different ways. As of late they both met up at a style appear however kept up safe separation from one another to not have any kind of connection. Indeed, even subsequent to being welcome to the same design demonstrate, these 2 figured out how to not even look at one another all through. Since must’ve been something!

3) Abhishek and Karishma


In the same occasion, Abhishek was likewise present why should attempting maintain a strategic distance from ex Karishma Kapoor. This couple had been as one for more than 5 years and were even locked in. Their separation came as a stun to everybody except at last things worked out to improve things. In any case, at the same occasion where his dad was attempting to keep away from ex fire Rekha, Abhi was likewise attempting to get by without making contact with Karishma. Abhishek was seen coexisting with every one of the individuals from the Kapoor family aside from Karishma and the ponderousness between the them two was too hard not to take note.

4) Amitabh and Rekha


This well known on-screen jodi had such extraordinary science that it was too great to not be valid. In any case, of course, all great things must arrive at a conclusion to clear a path for the better things in life. Amitabh and Rekha went separate ways numerous years prior yet continue having ungainly experiences from time to time. Both the on-screen characters were available at the festival when Shashi Kapoor was consulted with Dadasaheb Phalke Award. They both attempted their best to maintain a strategic distance from one another however the camera men figured out how to catch the them two in the same edge and the cumbersomeness is very obvious on their appearances.

5) Akshay and Shilpa


Once an intriguing issue, Shilpa and Akshay stopped to exist as a couple when Akshay and Twinkle got together. Both Akshay and Shilpa are cheerful and all that much enamored with their individual life partners however things got ungainly when they both met at Ekta Kapoor’s Diwali bash. To cover the clumsiness they were feeling, both Akshay and Shilpa formally welcomed one another and went ahead to associate with one another’s life partners, conceivably to keep away from one another. Now that is a keen move.

6) Shahid and Kareena


Subsequent to conveying a hit Bollywood motion picture and giving us improbable assumptions about adoration, these 2 took us back to reality with their biting split. Since their separation, both have kept up a sheltered separation from one another and both are content with their individual debutante and playmate, yet when Kareena caught him at a practice a year ago she got totally confused and left when she could to dodge furtherAishwary shame. Fleeing, admirably, that works out for the a large portion of us.

7) Salman and Aish


The couple who gave us relationship objectives with ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ and split them when they separated, have verified that they never at any point look at one another. However, call it destiny perhaps, these 2 went under the same rooftop at Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th 100 festival where they effectively stayed away from one another even subsequent to being in such close closeness. All things considered, now that must’ve been genuine ungainly.

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